By downloading our templates, you agree to the following license agreement below:

Free offline personal and commercial usage

You can create as many finish product and in this case, a business card for your client to be printed and not to be resold or redistributed as template. The ‘offline’ on the title refers to internet usage such as website, business card creator, smartphone apps & etc. We do not allow any of our templates to be used online for any reason. For example, you cannot display or use our template as part of your product or inventory although you’re offering it for free. However, you can display a finished client business card as portfolio on your website.

Sharing, Redistribution & Reselling

You’re welcome to share our templates on your blogs or websites. You can do so by providing a link to our download page instead of linking directly to the file and most importantly, do not  host our templates on your server or other file sharing network.

You cannot redistribute or resell  templates  obtain from this website whether partly derived or in fully original form. Don’t think that by changing colors, adding or moving elements around will magically give you ownership right. Wrong. This is called derivatative artwork and in other word, imitation of an original artwork.

Do not sell our templates on any design or freelance marketplace

You cannot use our templates, derived or original on any design and freelance marketplace. For example you cannot use our template for the purpose of selling on,,, & etc. Don’t even ask. No permission or license will be granted. Plenty of DMCA takedown notices had been sent and files removed. You might get banned from the respective marketplace depending on the amount of copyright violation you incurred.

I usually send DMCA in bulk to increase your chances of getting banned =).  So don’t think you’re safe if you did not receive one. I take this seriously as you’re selling templates which the customers can download for free. And in other words, you’re a conman.

Had a question regarding our license?

Make sure you’ve read this license and copyright page completely before sending us a query here.